What We Are

 RAISTONE is a blockchain-based digital asset transfer and distributed escrow system that enables banks, exchanges and other financial service businesses to fully control digital transactions or security trades while never holding the digital assets.  We separate these functions, with the assets moving point to point.

Our white-label software product works as a plug-in or API to the client’s enterprise system and its customers.

 The RAISTONE System works with digitized currencies, tokens, securities, bonds and other blockchain digital assets, regardless of asset type or platform. We eliminate risk of catastrophic theft by removing the target: large custodial accounts, from the ecosystem.

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Risk Mitigation vs Risk Elimination

While other companies and services like exchanges mitigate risk of pooled assets with solutions such as insurance and cold storage, the RAISTONE System eliminates risk at the point of origination: assets are never pooled; custodial security, storage, and insurance costs are eliminated.

 The RAISTONE System enables the implementation or continuation of fully functioning regulatory compliance programs (KYC, BSA-AML, FINRA).

Game changer

RAISTONE’s proprietary solution changes the fundamental nature of digital asset transactional control and trading today, and also raises the question of whether digital trading & transactional systems that are currently being designed, which require the intermediary to hold the digital assets during trading, are examples of pre-launch obsolescence.

Our Team

Denis Letourneau – Founder, President

Denis Letourneau – Founder, President

  • 30 years experience in system design, prototyping, renewable and emerging technologies
  • Senior management O&M positions with various energy producers (Innergex, ENEL Green Power)
  • Senior engineering positions with technology developers (Lockeed Martin, AeroVironment, Principle Power)
Cary Torkelson – CTO

Cary Torkelson – CTO

  • Filed over 10 patents in telephony, mobile broadcasting, data encryption, & advertising technology
  • 20 years of Wall Street IT infrastructure experience
  • Co-founder Celufun & MobiMicro
Craig Andrus – Advisor

Craig Andrus – Advisor

  • Founder, Increscent Capital, NY VC Fund
  • Former Managing Dir., JP Morgan
  • Banque Paribas, NY, London & Paris
  • Director, Principle Power, a green energy tech co.
Stephen McKeon, PhD – Advisor

Stephen McKeon, PhD – Advisor

  • Prof. of Finance, Univ. of Oregon
  • CFO & Board of Advisors, drone startup Skyward
  • CFO/COO, Napa Valley high-production winery
  • Covered by Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, NY Times (Dealbook), Forbes, MarketWatch, and Smart Money
Scott Dueweke – Advisor

Scott Dueweke – Advisor

  • Consultant – Global Banking Security & Electronic, Digital Payment Risk.
  • Clients – FBI, Dept. of State, EUROPOL, INTERPOL, USAID, UNODC & global banking, financial institutions.
  • Booz Allen – Sr. Assoc., led Virtual Identity & Anonymous Payments practice, 56 engineer team.

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